Thursday, March 03, 2011

Computer working again

My computer is working again thanks to a good friend who had some thermal grease and some know how...

This photo shows the cpu (square green pcb with all the pins sticking up) and the aluminum heat sink - covered in dirt and hair. Believe it or not, this was after I vacuumed as much dust and dog hair (!!) off the heat sink as I could.

This is the top side of the heat sink. Before I vacuumed it, you couldn't even see any of the fins of the heat sink! I cleaned the rest of the dust and hair off with tweezers and with Dust Off.

This photo was supposed to show the bent pins, but it's too hard to see in this photo. There were about 15 bent pins that I straightened out with my tweezers. Everything is working well now, and the cpu is running about 43C instead of 60C, which is good for its long term survival.

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