Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weekend for firsts

Freda took one of our neighbour's daughters horseback riding. You can see Emma in the background. Unfortunately Freda pinched a nerve or something and wasn't able to go to work on Monday because of the pain.

Emma's sister Maddy (in green shirt) came by to see if we wanted to buy a raffle ticket for her camp. The girls kept telling each other to shut up, so they had some fun with a small strip of packing tape and a marker.

I was walking the dogs this morning and saw this little dead bird on the side of the road. I brought it home to give it a proper burial but thought I would try to find out what it was first. I thought it might have been a brown jay, but no such luck. Note the yellow tips on the tail feathers.

If you know what the bird is, leave a comment please.

Update July 24th 2009: The bird looks like a Cedar Waxwing, which has yellow on the tips of its tail feathers. Thanks for the tip, Mum.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie...

(July 4th) The very pretty little American Goldfinches having a bite to eat.

(July 5th) The moon was very low, you could almost reach it.

(July 7th) As the evening rolled in, fog started appearing over the trees. Very neat to look at.

Taz and Tawny playing, as usual. (July 7th)