Saturday, March 12, 2011

Painting the workshop/storage area

Before I could paint the basement workshop/storage area, I had to prepare it. First, I knocked off the chunky pieces of concrete sticking out from around where an oil tank had been located. After I did that, I mixed up some concrete patch material and filled in these big holes and some smaller holes on the floor.

The holes in the floor were where a divot of concrete came out when a wall was removed (the concrete nails). You can see a line of holes across the room just in front of the little shopvac. I also patched the holes when we removed the partition wall.

Here I have primed the walls and am ready to prime the floor. It took several hours to prepare the floor. First I scraped the floor (I used an ice chopper), swept, scraped again in a perpendicular direction to the first, swept, scrubbed the floor with an abrasive deck brush, and then swept again.

This photo shows the water meter and drain cleanout. You can see the location of the wall of the original closet that was built around the cleanout and water meter.

Everything is now primed - walls and floor. I didn't prime the edge of the oil tank pedestal because I was planning on leaving it red, so it would be less of a trip hazard.

The walls have now been painted. There is going to be a small enclosure around the water meter, so I didn't bother with painting the walls behind the meter.

The paint can is the floor paint - Porch and Floor Enamel - I was just getting ready to do the floor when I took this photo.

Everything is now painted. I ended up painting the edge of oil tank pedestal because it looks pretty grungy next to the new paint. Hopefully it will work out even though I hadn't primed it.

I had previously purchased self-stick vinyl baseboard (like commercial baseboard) for the laundry room. I decided that I would put it down in here to dress up the edge of the floor/wall corner. Because the vinyl baseboard comes in a roll, you have to unroll it and let it relax for a day so it won't try to curl up again and become unglued from the wall.

Total effort: about 11 hours.

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