Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An interesting rock

Two tired doggies.

An interesting rock I saw when walking the dog this morning. Looks like pink granite with these large black streaks and sections in it. The rock around here is limestone so this was carried here by glaciers in the ice age.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sept 29 - Pano

September 29, 2008

Brilliantly coloured maple tree in our side yard. It just glows when the sun hits it.

Some wild turkeys crossing over the end lot. The people who own this lot are planning to start to build their house next spring.

Panorama of our house. Can you make out the pretty maple down the road (one the left side)?

Panorama of the lake, near the lookout.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Repairing eavestrough overflow damage

This is the AFTER photo which shows the repaired steps and the downspout that caused all the problem. The elbow that caused all the trouble was at the top bend where the downspout first attaches to the wall.

When we had heavy rain (which was several times last year and a lot this year), we would get water cascading over the gutters. Of course, this caused damage to our front steps.

I called the eavestroughing company numerous times and they didn't call, or else someone would call and I would say where our house is and then he would answer, "Oh, that's Frank's area - I'll have him call you right back". Of course he never did call back.

Frank finally did call back when I asked this other salesman for the owner's name and phone number. Frank came out and said he thought the problem was caused by a blockage due to leaves. I didn't think so (because the leaves blow all over and don't even really get on our porch) but he said there would be a service charge if it was blocked. So I hauled out the ladder to check it out and found that there was no blockage, but the elbow had been pinced to make it fit into the downspout. I straightened the pinched downspout elbow and waited for another rain to see if the problem had been fixed. And yes id had been resolved, so I could fix the step damage.

I took off the top two stones on the first/top row, as well as two stones on the next, and one stone on the 3rd. I then used a crow bar to lift up the bottom stones and put crushed gravel under it all. I then put the stones back and put some polymerized sand over it all. (That stuff is amazing by the way.)

The paint was peeling off a couple of small spots on our front door. I thought that I must not have cleaned the door properly before I painted it. Then I looked closer and found that the paint and the primer had peeled off. That meant that the primer had not adhered to the aluminum moulding properly, so the manufacturer had caused the problem! To repair it, I will have to give the aluminum a light sanding to scuff up the surface, then prime and paint. I hope the paint is still good. I love that colour!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Great Blue Heron, and dogs playing

September 24, 2008

This is a juvenile Great Blue Heron with an injured wing. I was about 4 feet away from this bird when I took this photo, which is absolute proof that it was injured. You can see that its wing on the far side seems injured in some way. I called the wild bird care center and they said they are a small charity and cannot pick up birds. I called the Humane Society and they said that their rules do not permit them to go into water to retrieve any bird or animal. (I asked, "not even one inch of water", and they said yes.)

Wounded herons are dangerous because they use their beak as a spear, their neck is like a spring, and they aim for the eyes. We noticed the heron because Taz saw it and ran down to it, but fortunately left it alone. It was clearly being very defensive but didn't attack Taz.

We saw an adult Great Blue Heron (with its massive wing span) slowly flying over the lake the following day (Sept 25) but not since. I have gone down to the lake several times looking for the injured bird but haven't seen it since. Freda saw it shortly after we initially saw it, but not since.

This is the best bird photo I have ever taken (because I could get so close).

Tawny and Taz swimming after fetching some water toys. Taz has a yellow Wubba and Tawny has a kong that is made out of tennis ball material, but shaped like a hot dog. Taz is chasing Tawny because he wants her toy - he's such a toy hog!

Getting close to shore, you can see that Taz has his toy-hog eyes on Tawny and wants to get the Kong from her as well.

Tawny just drops the toy without a fight (knowing that Taz will drop it in a minute or two anyway), and Taz trots off triumphantly with both toys.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

September 14 was a busy day

On the morning of September 14th, there was mist on the lake -- warm water and cold air collide.

Mum and Dad had been visiting, and they left on September 14th. This photo was taken just before we left for the train station.

Later in the day, we went out for an errand and took the dogs. Taz and Tawny were anxiously waiting for us in the car. Taz was doing a lot of "talking". We think he has separation anxiety. I took this photo as we returned to the car - it is a bit blurry because I had been taking some macro photos earlier in the day and forgot to turn it back to normal... Whoops!

Freda's car got dinged in the parking lot, by the wife of one of Mark's co-workers! Here you can see the broken signal light, and maybe you can see the black smudges on the bumper. Small world.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sep 9-12

dogs Sep 9

Taz anbd Tawny

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Aug 31-Sep4

Aug 31 - wild turkeys

Aug 31 - BARK prize winnings

Sept 4 - unknown caterpillar
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