Friday, March 25, 2011

Ready for ceiling drywall

On Thursday evening, we completed the preparations for installing the drywall on the ceiling on Saturday. One the last things we had to do was disconnect the old lights (4) and complete running the wires for the new pot lights. There will be a total of 19 pot lights in this space now on two separate switches. If it is too bright then I will install a dimmer. I am going to get the 4" PAR20 type of pot lights as they are on sale at Rona this week and I have a store credit there too for when I returned the excess tile.

Because there are no lights now, we have to install the drywall ceiling in the daylight so we are doing that on Saturday. Since it is all ready, now we can take Friday evening off.

Eco-Energy Audit Follow-up
We had the follow-up Eco-Energy Audit assessment. We will get some kind of rebate for all of the energy improvements we have done, like all the insulation in the walls, attic, upgrading the furnace, the HWT, windows, doors, low flush toilets, etc.

The air leakage test showed a dramatic improvement, which will make the house much more comfortable. Before we had 7.29 air changes per hour (ACH), due to all the drafts in the house. Now, the house is down to 3.76 ACH - almost half!! (51.6% to be precise)

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