Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Feb 23rd photos

This corner of the basement has the water meter and the cleanout for the main drain. Of course, that means it must be accessible in case the meter needs to be read manually or if the drain needs to get unplugged. We will build a small square cabinet here with a removable top.

Before, this was a really stupid waste of space area. There was a little closet that was accessed through a narrow opening covered by a type of horizontal blind. You had to step into that area - which was difficult because of the water meter and the drain cleanout -- in order to reach through the wall to access a couple of shelves. It was dark and awkward. Really dumb. We are going to have some shelving on the other side of this wall. Just taking out that dumb closet makes the whole room seem bigger.

Because the house is a split level, there is a half-wall of concrete that is visible. We are framing a wall in front of it, and I put 2" of styrofoam over the concrete (1/2" behind the studs, and then 1 1/2" in between the studs. This was recommended by the eco-energy audit guy.

Oh yes, before I could set up my computer I had to install an electrical outlet and the phone and network connections too. There was no plug on this wall (the longest wall, although it had the window), and the closest plug was switched so was useless. I had to do a lot of repairs to the drywall because the crazy painters didn't fix the drywall like they promised to do.... After I patched the drywall, I primed the patch and then painted the whole wall.

This is a photo of the electrical panel area after we installed some of the drywall. You can see the ceiling light socket that was installed at this point but not energized - I had to use the trouble light to give us light to work in this area.

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