Thursday, March 17, 2011

Drywall update

Still working on the closets in the lower level, but shifted over to framing the bookshelves and the new coat closet, on the other side of the steps to the stoaragae area and the laundry room. After we did the framing, I started again on the mudding while Louis continued with cutting the drywall for the closet.

This is the corner at the stairs down from the kitchen. This corner was somewhat beaten up when the oil tank was removed, and I had to fill the end of the wall with quite a bit of mud. It's pretty good now, almost perfect.

This photo shows tne pantry and a little bit of the closet for the vacuum cleaner and dog food.

This annotated photo shows the layout of the rest of the other side of the lower level. I am putting some book shelves under the coat closet (by the front door), and then another coat closet beside the stairs. That coat closet is for storing winter coats in summer and summer coats in the winter.

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