Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Finishing the pantry and broom closet

After finishing the storage room, and moving stuff down there, I now had room to start finishing the lower level. First on the agenda was to frame and drywall the pantry and the broom closet - that is where we will put the vacuum cleaner and the big bags of dog food.

This photo shows the pantry after it was framed and drywalled. It is a bit of an odd shape because we had to work around all the house infrastructure - plumbing, heating ducts, stairs, etc. You can't see the broom closet in this photo - it is to the right, between the pantry and the stairs.

This is another view of the pantry. We are trying to make the most possible use of the space.

This is after the drywall taping and the first coat of mud.

There are a LOT of corners to tape and mud in this pantry!

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