Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Final inspections complete

We had our final inspections on our bathroom renovations with no problems. The plumbing inspection was last Thursday and the final building inspection was on Monday.

Only a couple of small things left to do:
- main bath: hang medicine cabinet on the wall
- ensuite: finish vanity (just waiting for the doors to come so they can be installed) then install the baseboard on the wall beside the vanity, put a bead of caulk at the toekick of the vanity, in case any water spills it will prevent it from running down into the basement ceiling.

And I took the building permit off the wall - WOOHOO!!


Anonymous said...

What a relief that must be, to finally start to see the end of it all. I'm sure it will all look great when finally completed. Mum

Mark said...

Yes, very glad to hit this milestone and looking forward to the total completion of the bathrooms.