Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Accomplishments Mar 22nd

This is the attic access to the attic over the living room and kitchen. You can see it is a bit dirty from the insulation guys who added the insulation to the attic. I have caulked it to seal the drafts out.

This is the attic hatch to the area over the bedrooms. It is caulked properly too.

I installed the rest of the shelving supports in the pantry and then David primed it, so it is now ready for painting. Freda is working at picking out the paint colour for the this area.

Look at the top of this photo above, just above the drywall. I couldn't fill the outside header space with insulation because there was only about a 3/4" gap above the 2x4 wall that had been framed inside the basement as there just wasn't enough room to install any insulation properly. Instead, we slide a piece of 1/2" foam into the gap and then I foamed the rest of the gap with spray foam. Today I will staple the plastic up and seal it with sheathing tape.

David primed the laundry room walls where we put up the drywall and mudded. Now that wall can be painted and then the shelving and freezer put into its final location.

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