Monday, March 14, 2011

Moving boxes

I finished the workshop/storage area, except for the part of the drywall immediately adjacent to the stairs, by installing the vinyl baseboard and putting the switch plates on (can be seen in this photo). Then I set up most of the shelving units. I made a couple of blocks to put under the legs of the vertical supports for the shelves that were on top of the old oil tank pedestal. This makes that pedestal disappear since you can't really see it (unless you look under the shelves).

The next task was to move boxes from the lower level onto the shelves and in this storage area. This is what it looks like when I was about half done.

I had to put a lot of stuff into the laundry room when I was preparing and painting the workshop/storage area. This photo shows that most of that stuff had been taken out and the laundry room is now usable once again.

The pantry and closet in the lower level were framed in, but I forgot to take photos of that so will save that for tomorrow. :)

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