Monday, February 28, 2011

uh oh

One of my goals this weekend was to set up the office and my computer so I can apply for jobs, post pictures to this blog, etc. When I was hooking stuff up to the computer I noticed that the heat sink on the cpu was totally blocked with gunk - dust, etc. I started to clean it and accidentally dislodged a clamp that holds the cpu on the board. When I was trying to manipulate the lever to put it back on it popped off. Uh oh. Since it was off, I cleaned it thoroughly, and managed to get the cpu on the socket on the third try, but nothing happened when I powered it on. Tried again, same thing. Uh oh. A friend is coming over on Tuesday after work to see if he can help, otherwise I will have to buy a new computer, something I can't really afford.

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