Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Shower and under-cabinet lighting (Mar 1st)

Finally, the long-awaited shower enclosure arrives. This is the shower being installed. We had to wait 24 hours before using it so the silicone sealant could cure properly.

We have three areas for the kitchen under-cabinet lighting. One was about 40", another about 30" and the third was only 6"! I purchased some fluorescent strips for the longer areas and a small LED light for the tiny area. This photo is of the label on the LED strip. What does "ludoor use only" mean?? Ludoor???

This photo shows the lights in action! The middle sized light is under the cabinet at the left of the photo, and the LED light is under the small cabinet at the right - between the range and the sink.

This photo shows how I had to install the LED lighting strip under the small cabinet. First, it was a plug-in type with a transformer so I couldn't hardwire the light. Instead of buying an ordinary utility box with a receptacle, I found this hardwire box that had two plugs on it (one on either end). Because of the tight space, I had to install that box at the back corner under the cabinet, and then mount the LED lighting strip on an angle.

The little LED strip had a switch on the wire so I just used a sticky pad and zip tied it to the bottom of the cabinet. I originally used double-sided tape but it was old and the switch fell down overnight. This will work better because it is mechanically fastened (with a screw).

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