Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lower level pantry and closets complete

The drywall is now complete on the closets and the pantry for the lower level.

This photo shows that the complete far end of the room. Starting from the left is the book shelf nook, then the coat closet, then the stairs to the basement storage room and laundry, then the pantry, then the broom closet (around the corner from the pantry), and then the stairs to the upstairs. The pantry and broom closet have had three coats of mud and are now complete (except for a final sanding). The stairs to the basement, coat closet and book shelf nook still need to have the first coat of mud (except the stairwell) and the corner bead. I am using regular drywall mud for the first two coats because we are using the drywall sanding sponge which doesn't make a lot of dust. The third coat needs to be sanded, so for that I am using the low-dust drywall compound (the tubs with the purple lids in the center of the photo). I think the low-dust compound does the reduce the dust a bit, but it certainly does NOT eliminate it.

This is the view looking from the stairs towards the windows on the lower level. The floor at the center foreground is exposed for the first time in months -- it has been the location of a pile of drywall since sometime in December. Now all that is left there are scraps. The doors are not yet installed, you can see them leaning against the far wall.

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