Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Feb 24th - David's help

These are some photos I took when David was helping me.

This photo shows after we had taken down some of a partition wall. The oil tank was at the back left corner of this photo (where the wood shelving pieces are leaning), it was on an elevated concrete pedestal about 9 inches high. That concrete pedestal is still there - haha! In front of that, there was a partition wall (covered in paneling of course!) that was in several sections with angles. The piece at the center back of this photo (with the car stickers on the paneling) was about 4' from the outside wall - we took that down to add the space to this room. I put a line of dots in the photo to indicate the location of the wall between the back bit and the small piece on the right. The left side of the room was the same way.

It looks like this might have been a bedroom because it appears that a headboard was against the blue painted paneling. It would have been a very cold bedroom because there was absolutely no insulation on the basement walls.

This is another angle looking toward the laundry room. David and I extended the partition wall over to the outside wall of the basement. We took the blue-painted bit of wall down too, of course.

And this is after the partition wall was constructed and installed. After this, I had to do the electrical which was to install one plug on each side of the wall, and a switch which controls a plug in the ceiling of the workshop area of the basement - that is for workshop fluorescent lights.

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