Friday, April 01, 2011

Kitchen cabinet improvement

One thing we hadn't thought about with the kitchen cabinets was the accesibility to the wall cabinet just to the left of the sink.
Because it was over the peninsula, the doors were really in the way when you were trying to access the cabinet. The hinges were the upgraded soft-close type, but only opened 100 degrees.
So I called up the cabinet guy and asked him what were the brand of hinges to get to replace them with ones that opened wider. He said he would take care of it since it was a brand that wasn't available in stores. All hinges have different hole and screw patterns, so it's important to get the same type so you can just swap out one hinge with another. These wide opening hinges aren't available in soft-close unfortunately, because there are 5 pivot points on each hinge.

UPDATE: they are actually 170 degree hinges, not 150. Sorry!

Now this cabinet is accessible quite easily - a nice improvement.

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