Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Furniture rearrangement and a mucky puppy

A couple of friends came over yesterday and helped us take the tv downstairs, and also rearrange the furniture a little bit. This is what the living room looks like now - unfortunately I don't have a 'before' photo. However, 'before' - the tv was on the right where the leather sofa is - that was on the left in front of the window. The sofa on the left was actually standing up on its end (on an arm). There was also a love seat that was moved to the 'office' where I have my computer set up. The two chairs and the other furniture that is in the living room will stay there, although they will be rearranged.

We couldn't get any of our furniture downstairs as it was too large (escept for two chairs), so we purchased a condo-sized sofa and a loveseat. They go well with the colours in the room. The installer from Shaw (formerly Star Choice) came today and hooked up the satellite dish.

We had the dogs off leash a bit when we took them out for their walk this afternoon. Of course, Tawny found the muddiest puddle so she was a real mucky puppy! She looked like she was in blackface, and it was quite funny. She is much much cleaner in this photo.

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