Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Getting-Close Wednesday

The first thing I did this morning, was to go to the building supply place and purchase four maple stair treads to cover the steps coming from the back door landing down to the lower level. I had been planning on just painting the stairs,but when I saw how nice the floor was at the landing and the lower level, I realized that just painting those utility-grade stairs would really detract from the beauty of the what we had done. So, even though I had already bought the paint for the stairs, I went and got the maple stair treads. The treads have been stained in this photo, after being sanded twice.

The new baseboard by the landing received the first coat of trim paint - one more to go (tomorrow!).

The closets have now had their shelf supports installed. They were primed later and will be painted green tomorrow.

This photo is just to show the somewhat chaotic workshop look to the lower level. It will be nice when it is all cleaned up.

The maple treads that I bought to cover the old steps have a rabbet on them that is 9 inches deep. The current stair treads are 9 1/2 inches deep, so I am putting a piece of half inch plywood in front of the existing risers to fill the half inch space. The plywood I had was rough on both sides, so the first thing to do was to sand it, then put wood filler on the knots or any divots on the wood, then sand it after the wood filler had dried. This photo was taken after the 2nd sanding.

In this photo, the plywood has been installed in front of the existing risers, and I am painting them with primer. I am almost finished that as only the bottom riser (just below the brush) has to be primed. I have to paint the front of the existing stair tread as part of will be visible.

This is an off cut from the new maple stair treads. Maybe you can see that it only covers up about half of the thickness of the existing treads.

And here the stair treads (and the nosing for the kitchen have received their first coat of satin varathane. As you have to wait 8 hours after staining, I just did this before making this blog entry. I did this so that the 2nd coat of varathane can go on on Thursday morning and then I can install the stair treads in the evening.

Louis putting the casing around the door, so it matches the rest of the house. Whoever replaced the door used baseboard for the casing. It looked a bit off but now looks much better

After putting the casing on, Louis grouted the tile at the entrance. The grout had been cleaned off the tile once but needs to be cleaned again, after it dried.

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