Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday update

I was working by myself on Tuesday during the day, so I decided to finish up the painting. The first thing I did was uncover the flooring to the back door. It looks pretty good. I put green tape on the edge of the steps to cover up edge in case any glue oozes out.

This is the kitchen wall after the painting was completed. I thought I would use about half a gallon (well, US gallon or 3.78 l), but I ended up using almost the whole can.

David came over in the evening after work to help put the floor down. Louis also came over which was nice. The first thing to do was to put the 1/2" Styrofam down under the flooring to act as a vapour barrier and also as insulation so the room is more comfortable.

Then we laid a chalk line to get the first two rows straight and parallel from the wall.

Here Louis is chiseling a notch out of a piece of flooring so it will fit properly in the pantry.

At the end of the evening, we had completed just over 1/3rd of the flooring - in just over 3 hours with 3 people. (I used this flash in this photo and it shows the dust in the air - we had just swept the floor so it raised some dust.)

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