Monday, April 04, 2011

Finally, colour!

This photo was taken half way through the day. You can see the walls are in the process of being painted and the lights are still hanging down.

By the end of the day, two of the three walls that are targeted for green paint had been painted with two coats. The two walls are on opposite ends of the room - one with the pantry and closets (shown here) and the window wall. You can also see that the trims for the lights have been installed and they are no longer hanging down below the ceiling. The third wall couldn't be painted because the trim was stacked against that wall. You can see the trim on the left foreground of this photo, which means the third wall is clear. This evening, I sanded and applied another coat of drywall compound (mud) to the joints on that wall. Hopefully I will be able to sand it tomorrow and apply a 3rd and final coat of drywall compound - then it can be primed and painted.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention, the ceiling has been finished also - used another half a gallon.

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