Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday update

Taz didn't get the memo. The mops didn't work to keep him off the leather couch, so we put other things there - cushions, boxes, etc. Guess that didn't work either!

Dale came over and helped with a variety of things today - mostly he painted the trim, which can go quite quickly but is tiring because you have to be careful all the time. He was painting for about 9 hrs I think, but we did have a few breaks in there, for lunch and then supper too.

The trim in the pantry has now had two coats of paint, and the shelves have been fastened in. All that is left is to install the bifold doors, but I am going to paint them first.

This is a panorama stitch of 5 photos. This photo shows that the trim in this lower level has been completely installed, caulked, and at least one coat of paint on it.

Today was a short day -- only 11 hrs because it was a weekend. I am so exhausted and tired of the 12-14 hr days.

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