Saturday, April 09, 2011

Waiting for the flooring

We are now at the stage where we are ready to do the flooring, but it hasn't been delivered yet! So in the meantime, am working on finishing up all the drywall touch-ups upstairs and the touch-up painting.

The corner here got squished in when the oil tank was being removed so it needed a drywall touchup.

This is the wall by the back door landing, by the kitchen. It was also beaten up a bit when the oil tank was getting taken out, and also it had some drywall that should have been repaired by the painters but they didn't do it... (Grr)

This shows the last wall in the basement has now had the second coat of paint. Also, I have all the styrofoam that I need to put down under the flooring.

This shows the wall by the front door. It needed a lot of drywall patching - again that was work that the painters said they were going to do but didn't and then said he didn't mean it. We've used those painters for 10 years, but will never be calling them again.

stairs There was a triangle shaped opening at the bottom of the stairs to the basement, right beside the green wall. I attached a piece of wood to it - had to fasten in some backing behind it so it wouldn't move, and then applied some wood filler. It needs some sanding to smooth it out and may need a second coat. The plywood on the landing has been screwed down about every 6 inches to remove the squeaking. Now those screw holes need to be filled and sanded before gluing down the flooring.

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