Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stairs are completed

So, it's time to install the stair treads. To do that, I will glue the treads then put a nail in each corner. As Louis is coming to pick up his brad nailer on Sunday, I need to do this on Saturday night.

This is the last you will see of these stairs. One of the stairs had a slight crown on the tread so I had to sand it flat. Then I swept and vacuumed the stairs to get rid of all the dust so the glue will stick well. You can see the tread for the top step is sitting on the landing ready to be installed.

This photo was taken after all the treads were glued and nailed. I put a piece of paper along the back of the each tread and the carpet below the bottom step, in case any excess glue dripped down. I used all sorts of heavy things to weigh the treads down so they would stick well.

Installing the treads would make the stairs temporarily impassable, so I had to do this at night when we were finished going up and down the steps.

I removed all the heavy items and cleared off the steps. A few drops of glue dripped onto some of the paper so I was glad that I had put that down.

We think the stairs look gorgeous! They are a huge improvement over the previous steps and I am very glad that I put the maple treads down instead of just painting the old treads. Another plus is that the treads are about an inch deeper than the old steps which makes it much more comfortable to walk up and down.

The treads cost about $34 each, plus the stain and the varathane, so it came to about $150 plus taxes.

This is what the room looks like now. Louis won't be able to help any more, which is lucky since I just have a few things left to do. Louis has picked up his tools so now the room is almost completely clear except for the shop vac and my tool bag (by the rightmost post).

PS: You can see that the stitching software didn't do really well with the post on the right.

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