Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beautiful spring day - a new look

It was a beautiful spring day today. I took the dogs for a long walk and afterwards they had a nice snooze in the back yard. Taz was trying hard to keep his eyes open here, but was sleeping a few minutes later.

Some time ago, we decided to replace the glass on the front door to update the look of the house, so today was the day. I purchased the replacement glass yesterday.

This is the BEFORE photo. This door was about 3 or 4 years old but we thought the glass was a bit old fashioned. We replaced the house number in December and the old door glass didn't really complement the look we were trying to achieve.

Replacing door glass isn't difficult - the box on the new door glass says it takes 20 minutes but that really is an understatement. The first step was to remove the old glass which was quite easy so I started by popping out the the plugs in the screw holes, removing the screws and then taking the glass out. The last part was the hardest because the caulking held the glass in place really well.

If you look through the window on the right, you can see Freda working in the yard.

The old door lights were two tall skinny pieces and the new door light is rectangular, so I had to cut out the middle piece from between the openings. That took about 30 seconds total - it took longer to get the tool out.

After that, it was fairly straight forward to install the new door light. The plugs for the screw holes were a bit tough to put in, but I was able to do that with a small piece of wood.

This is the after look. We think it looks a lot nicer.


Anonymous said...

Love it!

Mark said...

Glad you like it, EC. :)

RC said...

Much better!!! The previous inserts gave the door a rather hangdog/depressed look.