Friday, April 22, 2011

Thursday update

It's been a long and busy week. I am (mostly) taking the weekend off, except for cleaning! :)

Trim and baseboard around the front entrance has been caulked and painted twice. The doors have been installed, except for the guide at the floor and the trim piece in front of the sliding door hardware. This is a "medium duty" door hardware, and it slides really nicely. It costs about 4x the "light duty" stuff you can buy at the orange box store. I couldn't really use that since I wanted to hang a real door panel from it and that was too heavy for the light duty stuff.

The back door steps and landing are finished. The box of Coca Cola was there to prevent the door handle from bashing the wall - I have since installed the door stop and that is now gone.

The bifold doors for the pantry are installed. I need to complete installing the trim pieces around the door - only one piece is left to install and it needed to be cut down. I left that as it was too late to be running the saw as Freda had gone to bed.

The shelf supports in the closets have been painted and the shelves installed. The rod has been installed in the coat closet. Most of the doors have been painted once. I will install the door knobs after the second coat.

This is what the basement looks like now. Most of the tools and the construction materials are now gone. The floor can use another sweeping (or two, or three!) and the stair treads need to be installed as well.

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