Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday update

It seems that I spent all day running around getting supplies to finish the lower level.

One of the things that I purchased was the nosing for the stairs - it's a piece of solid maple that was about $5/ft. The nosing was 3/4" thick, which is 1/4" thinner than the thickness of the foam plus the wood (both are 1/2"). So, 1/4" thick plywood was glued to the concrete with construction adhesive, and then the nosing was glued to the plywood with wood glue. The grey box is a heavy object to hold the nosing in place.

This panorama shows the entire width of the lower level, showing that the flooring is now over 2/3rds complete.

Dale was over tonight, as well as Louis, and we completed this other 1/3rd of the floor in 2 hours (total so far is 5 hrs x 3 people, so 15 hrs total).

I forgot to post that the door to the broom closet was installed yesterday. It was 80" high but I needed 78" high, so the door had to be cut and then the hole plugged.

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