Monday, April 11, 2011

Flooring has arrived!

The flooring arrived at 8am. There are 23 packages of flooring weighing 45 pounds each. I helped the driver unload the flooring under the carport (it had been raining although it wasn't then), and then I carried the flooring into the house. Eric arrived at 9:15 and carried the flooring down to the basement.

Since you have to let the flooring acclimatize for a day before installing it, we spent the day doing other things - like priming the drywall patches in the upstairs hallway.

Also primed the wall by the back door. Notice the white lines on the stairs - that is caulking on the cracks prior to painting.

This is a detail of the molding that I put together to cover the gaps at the top of the support posts.

This photo shows the stairs and landing by the back door covered with heavy objects - they are weighting down the flooring that I glued down. If you look at the stringers of the stairs, you can see that they are now white* as I gave them their first coat of trim paint.

* The 'white' is Cloud White, a Benjamin Moore colour.

The dogs aren't supposed to get on the leather couch, so I put the mops across the seats. It's very effective, as you can see...

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