Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Front entrance tile

Louis came over today and the first thing to do was to rip up the old entrance linoleum (it was VERY slippery if your shoes were wet) so we can put down the tile. Here Louis has laid out the Ditra uncoupling membrane. This is used to prevent cracks in the tile, which is great. It is expensive, which is not so great, but it can save a lot of work in removing and replacing cracked tiles - and that is great too.

Here the Ditra has been installed and Louis is laying out the tile pattern, and cutting the tile at the same time.

Here the tile has been set in the mortar bed. You can see the tile spacers between the tiles.

Afterwards, I wanted to install the bifold doors, but I forgot that we had to cut them down to fit - oops! We cut a piece off the top and bottom of the doors, and then had to glue in a plug. We used two pieces of wood to make up the 1 1/8" gap we had to fill. I glued the pieces of wood together, then put glue on both sides of that and slipped it into the gaps at the top and bottom of each piece of the door. Once that was done, I put some clamps on the doors to make sure the glue does its job properly.

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