Thursday, April 07, 2011

More big things happening

The PUPS people came and took away the empty storage unit today. We had it for two months and it gave us a place to store some of the extra boxes until the basement was finished.

Eric removed the old flooring material from the landing and this flight of stairs. A lot of the backing from the old flooring stuck to the floor and required first scraping and then sanding. This actually took Eric most of the day.

This photo shows a number of accomplishments:
  1. The lights are on!! That's the last of the pot lights - 19 in all.
  2. The closet door is hung! The opening was just barely wide enough for the door - I had to plane the door a little bit for it to fit.
  3. The grills for the warm air and the cold air return are installed. This was a LOT more work than it sounds because of the complexity of ceiling mounted warm air grills.
Hopefully the last coat of mud on this final wall. I hope to sand and prime this wall tomorrow, and perhaps even apply one coat of paint - it will be green.


Anonymous said...

it is looking very nice. Keep up the good work.

Mark said...

Thank you A.