Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Still cold

It was really cold yesterday (Tuesday, Dec 29th) and the dogs did not want to stay out too long. I didn't either, so I didn't take the camera out. It was starting to get milder today, although it was still quite cold this morning. This is a close up of the brush that is still encased in the ice from the freezing rain. The ice decorations tinkled lightly in the breeze, like glass wind chimes, and as the dogs ran around, brushing by them.

This afternoon, Tawny sat by the fence watching for Freda to return. You can see the virtually all of the ice has falled off the sugar maple.

While Tawny was outside waiting for Freda, Taz was inside trying to nap on the couch. Taz feels the cold a lot more than Tawny so he doesn't stay out when it is chilly. I am fascinated by how he can curl his huge body up into such a small space.

This is just a photo of a pear. But what a pear - look how huge it is!


Anonymous said...

It's just amazing, the beauty and the sounds of winter. One usually thinks of howling winds & snow drifts across the road and the like, but there is much sweeter music out there, like the ice falling from branches, making a tinkling sound, and the crunch of crisp snow under foot,also the beauty of diamonds sparkling on the snow in the sun shine, and the hoare frost against a brilliant blue sky..

Mark said...

That's very poetic, Anonymous!