Friday, December 18, 2009

A mixed bag...

Pano - Dec 18, 2009
I seem to have been on a roll this week, making lots of blog updates and panorama photos, and baking too. So this blog entry is more of the same. Tawny was enjoying the scenery on Friday when we took our (short) walk - it was quite cold (-26C overnight) but the wind made it quite miserable. We were walking with the wind on the way out, but when we turned to face the wind when turned around to head home. It was so cold that we ended up running the last 500 feet home. Thank goodness I had on the really nice thick tocque that my mum knitted for me a few years ago. That is my favourite tocque for very cold or inclement weather because it is long enough that I can pull it right down over my ears.

Uh-oh.... When I was baking a few days ago, I had the cupboard door above the fridge open, and then I opened the pantry door. That ended up leaving a scraping of paint on the cupboard door. So I thought I would use the Magic Eraser to get the paint off the door. Wow - that worked really well I thought, after I finished with the Magic Eraser. Then the next day I noticed that it left a dull patch on the door - Uh Oh!!! The cabinet guy came today to pick up the door to respray it, to restore the finish to the even lustre.

And finally, to cap off this blog post, I decided to make another batch of the molasses crinkles (that I made the other day). But this time, instead of the molasses, I put in some of the left over syrup from the candied ginger that I made. I made a double batch which is why the bowl is so full here. I am happy to report that these cookies (and I am calling the ginger crinkles, because there is no molasses in them) passed the Freda taste test!!

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