Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day after freezing rain

We had freezing rain yesterday, and it caused quite a burden on the younger trees and small branches. The small tree in this photo is the young sugar maple that we planted last year and is really suffering as a result. It was about 0C when I took this photo, and you could hear the ice falling off the larger trees as they moved slightly in the breeze. It was overcast so there was no sun to hasten the melting of the ice on the trees. We were going to go out to visit some friends, and it seemed to me that the weather would not be mild enough for the ice to melt off our little maple. So I went out with a bucket of tepid water and a soup ladle, and poured water over the ice on the tree, which unburdened the tree of the ice. This was the 'before' photo, of course.

The big elm out front looked very pretty with its cocoon of ice.

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