Sunday, December 13, 2009

Candied Ginger - day 2

Before we get to the candied ginger update, I want to include some photos of Tawny, since I am sure you are all wondering what she has been up to.
Pano lake Dec 13, 2009Sunday December 13, 2009

This panorama photo shows that the lake is still not completely frozen over.

Sunday dawned and it was quite nice. Not too cold and not too windy, although it did pick up a bit later. Tawny enjoyed taking in the air on the deck. Her fur looks darker in winter, although I'm not sure if it only looks darker because of the contrast with the snow.

Both Tawny and Taz were fascinated by this spot in the snow, although Tawny was more so. She completely buried her head in the snow, and pawed at the snow to expose more of the amazing scent, whatever it was.

Here is Tawny, pawing at the snow again. Dogs do this to disturb the snow and grass etc, and dislodge more scent particles so they can figure out what it is they are sniffing.

Well, time for the Candied Ginger again...

Canton Candied Ginger
Day 2:
  • Reheat, simmer gently for 15 minutes after coming to a boil.
  • Add one seeded sliced lemon, and one cup of light corn syrup.
  • Uncover, simmer 15 minutes more, stirring occasionally.
  • Remove from heat, cover, and let stand overnight.
I didn't have the lemon today, so I will get one tomorrow and add it in then.

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