Thursday, December 17, 2009

Candied ginger - day 6

Yes, I know what you are thinking - why is there a day 6 for this 5 day recipe? Well, I think I covered that yesterday when I said I didn't read the recipe properly.

The ginger was too sticky yesterday , when I put it on the racks, to do anything with it. I left it overnight and today I used two forks to separate the large chunks of ginger into small chunks, or maybe I should just say smaller chunks. It was too difficult with the stickiness of the syrup on the ginger to separate the chunks into individual pieces. This part was quite time consuming, because of the stickiness.

This is what the ginger looked like after I coated the pieces in granulated sugar and put it into a container. I fear the ginger will all congeal into a giant block, as the sugar gets absorbed into the syrup...

Assessment of the ginger: From a taste perspective, I think my first attempt at the recipe was a success, because the ginger is nice and tasty with some good heat in it. From an aesthetic perspective, I don't think I did so well because the ginger is all stuck together in clumps, and not in nice individual pieces like when my mum makes it. Also, the syrup is so very thick - even thicker than molasses - so I am yet not sure what I can use it for.

We are finally receiving the benefit (haha!!) of the extreme cold weather that plagued western Canada over the past week. It was -20C and is supposed to get to -24C overnight. This means that our outdoor freezer (nature's freezer) is having no problem preserving some of the excess soup that I made last week. Here's a photo showing our outdoor freezer. Haha.

Taz feels the cold a lot more than Tawny, partly because he has less insulation (fat) on his body, and partly because he doesn't have a thick fur coat like Tawny does. Freda covered him up when she let him in this evening, and he looked so cute all covered in a towel!

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