Monday, December 28, 2009

Mother Nature's Crystal Chandelier

This is the photo that inspired the title of this blog posting.

It was a beautiful mild morning - about -1C - with wonderful sunshine. That made it delightful to take the dogs out for a play.

The bright sunshine made all the ice on the trees glitter like crystal. Very pretty!

Here's a close up of some glittering branches. The photo doesn't really do it justice.

We are dog-sitting Max, the little black dog on the left of this photo. He loves playing with Tawny and Taz.

There is a house down the road under construction. There is a crane there today lifting the roof trusses into place.

The dogs all get along very well, here they are taking a quick breather before they start playing again.

The fence looks like it is a wall made of glittering ice.

The sunlight started to disappear in the late morning, shoved out of the way by the clouds. A short while later, some large fluffy snowflakes started to fall, gradually giving way to a heavier snowfall of smaller flakes. This photo was taken when the snowfall was transitioning from the large to the small snowflakes. It looks like the sun has left us for today.


Anonymous said...

You should send your fence picture to the Weather Network.

Mark said...

Good suggestion Mum. I did send it in.