Thursday, July 08, 2010

Tomatoes are doing well

All the warmth and sun means the tomato plants are doing well. Although we have to give them a good drink every day since they are in pots. There are two different kinds of tomatoes, a cherry tomato and beefsteak kind of tomato. Can you tell which is which?

All the hot weather lead to extreme weather warning. First we saw dark clouds around us. We could hear thunder and saw rain falling to the north and west.

And then we got some quite severe winds. The red lines indicates the normal line where this little maple tree usually stands. It was almost bent over.

The elm tree in the front yard was really blowing all over - we thought that perhaps some branches might break off. The sign was blowing past horizontal - as indicated by the blue line.

We got a little bit of rain, but not enough. The lawn is looking parched as you can see. I put the hose on for the elm and the service berry tree on Thursday.

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