Thursday, July 08, 2010

Summer Berry Clafoutis

We had a few raspberries left from making the jam, and we saw this delicious looking recipe for Summer Berry Clafoutis in a magazine. It looked so good that I decided to try to make it. The instructions said it was easy to make, so that was a real bonus (especially for me!).

So I prepared the ingredients: egg, milk, flour, vanilla, salt, sugar, and butter.

I put the raspberries and blueberries in a buttered pan. I thought I would cook up a bit of rhubarb and add it, but I overdid the rhubarb and it is just sort of gloppy (as you can tell).

The pan is a bit too full because I used more fruit than the recipe called for in it. We had about 3 cups of raspberries left so I put them all in, even though the recipe only called for 2c of raspberries. Because of the added fruit, I added a bit extra sugar (actually, Splenda).

I poured the mixture over the berries and put it into the oven.

Taz was watchfully eyeing me with studied disinterest... I think he was hoping I was preparing something with meat in it. No such luck, buddy!

Because I had put too many berries in the pan, it took quite a bit longer for the dough mixture to cook through. And also it spilled over in the oven. :(

After it cooled off somewhat, we enjoyed a some of it with some whipped cream.

Overall evaluation: the recipe was easy to make, and absolutely was delicious!! I will definitely make it again but I won't add extra berries.

One of our neighbours gave us some rhubarb, so I decided to make Strawberry Rhubarb Compote. From what I can tell by looking at the recipes, compote is basically a fifty dollar word to say "stewed"...

I cut up the rhubarb and sprinkled it with some sugar and let it sit in the pot, so the juices would come out. I let it sit for a couple of hours. Then I put it on the stove to bring it to a boil and then simmered it for 10-15 minutes. Since strawberries are softer than rhubarb, and I wanted the strawberries to have a bit of texture to them, I cut up some strawberries and added it to the rhubarb mixture after it had been simmering for about 10 minutes. After it cooled for a while, I put the compote into a container and put it into the fridge overnight.

The clafoutis recipe said it was also delicious for breakfast, so Freda and I decided that we would have it for breakfast, along with some of the strawberry rhubarb compote. I added a dab of whipped cream because it sets off the deep reds and purple of the fruit. YUMMMY!!!!

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