Thursday, July 15, 2010

Taz the Rock Collector

Taz still goes hunting when we go down to the lake. But the tadpoles have all gone now because they have turned into little frogs.

So Taz has found something else to hunt. And the subject of his endeavour? Rocks! Yes, Rocks!!!

Taz sticks his head in the water to look for a particularly appetizing rock, or so I'm guessing. He keeps his head under water for a very long time, sometimes even blowing bubbles. I timed him several times and he usually kept his head under water for about 10-12 seconds, although the longest I timed him was 15 seconds. That's a long time -- try it yourself!

While he was under water, Taz would be pawing at a rock with his front paws, to pull a rock backwards toward the shore.

When he pulls his head out of the lake, the water pours off him like Niagara Falls!

Taz is all excited here as he has managed to get the rock very close to shore. Sorry this photo is a little blurry.

Surveying the spoils.

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