Saturday, July 03, 2010

Rasberry Jam - yumm!!!!

We went to some friends for Canada Day - it's sort of a Regina Refugee tradition. When we were there, Freda went over to get Wilma, who lives across the street. Wilma was in her back yard picking raspberries and invited Freda to go and pick some. So we did and we picked a large bowl full of plump juicy raspberries! Freda made two pies (need 4 cups each) and we had about the same amount again of fresh berries.

Wilma invited us to go and pick berries again, because they were so ripe they were just falling off the bushes, so we took Colleen (one of our neighbours) and did just that on July 3rd. Freda made another pie and I made jam - 3 batches in total.

This is a photo of the 2nd batch. I decided to do a double batch this time.

Stopped stirring for a second so I could take a photo. This is just before adding the sugar.

Here are the hot jars of jam, cooling off. It was nice hearing the click of the lids as they sealed. Only one jar didn't take, and that was the tall skinny jar at the back left row in this photo. It's in the fridge now and we will have that first.

The label for the raspberry jam: Picked and prepared on July 3, 2010.

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