Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bunnies and Bugs and Beautiful Day

This little rabbit came over in the morning to the fence. Not sure if he was looking to see if there was anything yummy to eat in the yard, or if he was checking if there were any sunflower seeds left. This is where the sunflower seed feeder for the birds had been located.

The morning sun is lighting up his ears.

And then he hops away into the bush.

My sister's favourite bug.

Beautiful Sunday afternoon. Sitting back. Enjoying the scenery. Drinking Iced Tea. Loving it!

A Red-Winged Blackbird in an elm tree.

This is Freda's Black Walnut tree. We though Taz had killed it last year because he kept peeing on it, but it seems to be doing well this year. It's getting close to 2 feet tall.

Our tomato plants are really doing well. Can you see all the cherry tomatoes growing on this plant, and all the other blossoms getting ready to turn into fruit? Very shortly, we won't have to buy tomatoes.

Our beafsteak tomato plant is doing very well also.

And the sweet peas are brilliant and fragrant. Very nice!

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