Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Heavy rain and Loon conflict

The high temperatures that we have had recently have built up oppressive humidity in the air. It started to let loose on Monday evening, but we had some torrential downpours on Tuesday.

Wow! Look at the rain splashing on the sidewalk!

The rain had stopped by the time of the dogs' afternoon walk. We saw some unusual loon activity. There is a nesting pair of loons on the lake, and a third loon had stopped by. One of the pair was flapping its wings and making loud calling noises as it paddled across the surface of the lake, as if it were running on the water. It made a big wake as you can see in this photo.

Loons are actually very territorial and the agitated loon was making it clear to the third loon that it was an interloper. Sorry I didn't get a photo of the territorial behaviour. I only had the old camera with me because it looked like it might rain some more...

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