Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A frog... and birds, and the chipmunk again

I think this is a really neat photo of a frog that has almost completed its metamorphosis from a tadpole (or polliwog) into a frog. The tail is almost gone, but is still there. I have submitted this one to CBC too.

This crazy Downy Woodpecker still thinks the holes on the finch feeder are holes from bugs. Poor confused bird!

This photo was taken a few days ago, just after I took the bird feeder down and there were still some seeds etc on the ground in the area. The birds have cleaned it all up, and must realize that the grocery store is closed because they aren't around very much. I snapped this Blue Jay photo when he was watching some brown headed cowbirds on the ground, I think they chased him off.

In the meantime, this little chipmunk was trying to scold the birds. Haha little chipmunk, the birds are bigger than you and have a big weapon (beak) so you better be quiet!

Can you see the frog in this picture?

Yesss, it's there!

Do you see the bubble in the weeds, just off centre?

Look down and to the left.

Good camouflage!

A horse fly bit Freda so she whacked it a good one, and it ended up in the water. No tears for you, buddy!

Another frog photo. This guy has completed his transformation as his tail is completely gone.

The throw toys eventually start leaking, and if you don't squeeze the water out then they will eventually sink when you throw them in the lake. Here Freda is squeezing the water out of the Kong and Tawny is frantic with excitement at the prospect of jumping into the lake again. I think there is a deer fly on Tawny's nose in this photo. :(

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