Monday, July 12, 2010

Berries and Birds

I found some blackberries growing wild. They were tasty. I might go back tomorrow and pick some.

This is our big elm in the front yard. At the top, just to the left of centre, there are some yellow and dying leaves. Oh no! Does this mean this big tree going to succumb to the dreaded Dutch Elm Disease too???

After supper and the news, we sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful evening. Strangely, there were no birds around except for two robins that mostly just sat on the fence.

Here they are sitting on the fence (one at far right and the other ar far left).

A close-up. We think this one is the female of the pair.

And this is the male bird (we think).

Later in the evening, the sky got very dark and we could hear the rumble of thunder. We were hoping for rain. The dark cloud passed over us and then the sky started getting brighter and we though, how disappointing, no rain. But then it started, and it rained for about an hour and sometimes quite heavily too. As you can see from the brown patches in the lawn, we really needed it!

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