Monday, July 05, 2010

Leaving the nest

The baby robins have left the nest!!

Okay, this isn't a baby robin, it's not even a robin. It is Tawny, as you already know, but I thought it was kind of neat because it shows a deer fly just above her eye on the left, you can even see the fly's shadow there too!

The baby robins are getting big! This was taken yesterday - July 4th.

Freda said she couldn't see the baby robins, so I grabbed the camera and took this photo.

I took this photo a couple of seconds later (sorry it's a bit blurry), and then the baby robin at the left of the photo leaped off the edge. Then the other baby followed suit! We didn't see them on the ground, so the babies must be able to fly, at least a little bit!
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