Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January photos

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Jan 22
We had received a fresh snowfall, and both Tawny and Taz were loving it, including smelling up something very interesting. For this photo, Tawny went to the end of her leash, and they laid down in the snow (frog-dog style) and shove her nose deep into the snow. Taz did almost the same thing, but he wasn't as committed as Tawny.

However, one thing that Taz loves is chasing running water. Not sure exactly why it fascinates him so much. Because it had been quite mild, one of the springs that feeds the lake had melted the ice at the edge, and Taz enjoyed splashing about in it for a while.

Jan 24
We used to have a queen size bed in our gues room, but it really was too large for the room so we took it out, and set it up as a craft room. Freda realized that she likely wouldn't get much use out of that, so we decided to get a double bed instead. Before we could even put the sheets on the bed, Tawny jumped up on it to test it out...

Pano Jan 27
A gorgeous sunny but c-c-cold winter day.

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