Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Walking the dogs

I was walking Tawny and Taz in the morning (Jan 6th) and Taz noticed something in the trees and starting whimpering when he gets all excited. I couldn't see anything, but I could see some branches moving a bit. I figured it was a squirrel but wanted to check it out.

Here's a close-up of the trees with the squirrel. I circled it so you can see it for yourself. They really blend in but Taz has the amazing senses - eyes, ears, nose - to be able to pick them out from quite a distance.

January 6th was a beautiful but cold day, but that doesn't stop Tawny from wanting to play. We have to make sure that Taz has a "bone" (rawhide roll) or another toy to keep him occupied because otherwise he will steal the toy right from Tawny's mouth. She is a happy dog that is willing to share so she gives it up to him. Silly girl!

It had been cold for quite a time so we hadn't been down to see the horses. As it wasn't so cold this day, we walked down to see Cooper (horse on the right) and his stable mate (don't know his name) and brought them some nice juice carrots. We bought a bag of carrots for their Christmas present but hadn't been able to share it with them because of the cold.

We had snow forecast for tomorrow so I took this photo of Tawny and Taz to document how little snow we really have, which is really just a light dusting...

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