Saturday, January 03, 2009

Flowers don't do so well in the cold....

January 3, 2009 pano

Our neighbours kids were out clearing some of the snow off the ice so they could skate and play a bit of hockey. This is a pano so you can't see the kids activities too clearly.

Here's a better view of the kids clearing the snow off the ice surface. The ice was very very smooth because we had a melt a while ago and then it froze quite quickly with not much wind. If it freezes slowly, with windy conditions, the ice gets a lot of ripples on it and is not easy to skate on.

After we took the dogs out for their morning play/walk, we went to get some groceries. When we were going to take the dogs out in the afternoon, we found a basket with some flowers on the porch. The beautiful plant was frozen solid! This photo was taken about five minutes after we brought the flowers inside, you can see the flowers are quite limp here.

This photo was taken after about half an hour. We need to cut off all the limp/broken stems to see if anything survived the deep freeze situation. I doubt anything did, but we have yet to see. Freda called the neighbours to thank them for the beautiful flowers and found out their girls had brought them over. I guess the girls don't know that cold can kill plants. I suspect that the cold just from carrying them over would have done them in, since it was -17C or something like that.

At least it wasn't -42C here today like it was in Edmonton!

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