Saturday, January 10, 2009

A full moon

There was a full moon today. Freda took this photo around dusk with her camera, and you can see how bright the moon is. There is a reflection of the flash off the glass there because her camera automatically fired up the flash - whoops! It's a pain having to turn the flash on/off on these cameras. I wish there was a button that would just be on/off instead of auto/on/red-eye/off.

This was taken as we were going to visit friends for supper. The moon is very bright.

I stopped on the way and took this photo. The moon was so bright but it doesn't look that way in this photo. You can see a lot of sensor noise due to low light levels on. I had to do some post-processing on this one, including some noise reduction, but it is still marginal.

This is Lily, she is about 11 months old and she is a pretty young girl. When we rang the door bell, we got "hello" and then "I thought it was next Saturday that you were coming over?" Whoops! My bad! They invited us to stay for a cup of tea but my headache was too throbbing, especially considering the stupid mistake I made.

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