Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dog sitting Max

Panorama - January 17th, 2009

This pano was taken just before sunset on Saturday. We have been dog-sitting Max, a little schnauzer, for a week. It was quite cold so the dogs are running around and playing. This was good because they got enough exercise with their running without having to take them for a long walk in the bitter cold.
Tawny and Max were playing together doing what I call "neck wrestling". Taz was feeling sorry for himself because he felt left out.

Here Tawny and Max are playing at neck wrestling. This is where they lay on the ground, and play bite at each other's neck, sometimes growling and making snuffling noises... It is funny to watch.

Max is bold. Taz was chewing on his bone (rawhide roll) and Max tried to bite it too. Taz was growling at him to say "let go" but Max didn't want to. Tawny was sniffing around. Freda had just taken Max to get a hair cut and this is the first time we could actually see his eyes. His feet really accumulate little balls of snow in the all of his hairs on his paws. After the hair cut it now takes a lot less effort and time to get them off.

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