Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hockey Night in Carp

Some good friends just down the road had an urgent road trip come up, and asked us if we could look after their daughers on Saturday evening (Jan 3rd) and take one of them to her first hockey game. We were very happy to help out. Things were a bit rushed for supper, but there was no problem because we had already planned to have pizza, so we ordered it a bit early, ate, and then started to get ready for Maddy's first game of the season.

Here is Madelaine (or Maddy), getting her equipment on (aka armour!) at home before we left. Those disembodied hands are Maddy's mom helping with the straps.

Here we are at the rink. Maddy has her skates and her team's jersey on, and with the exception of her helmet, is ready to go... I think she's pretty happy about it -- what do you think??

Here is Freda and Emma (Maddy's sister) fooling around while waiting for the game to start.

All the players' names were announced, just like in the NHL. It was very very fun to watch the game. There was a big size difference (maybe 18 inches in height!) between the smallest and biggest kids, but they were all having fun and enjoying themselves, skating and playing hockey.

I tried to take some photos of Maddy when she was on the ice, but they were all very poor because the lighting wasn't bright enough for a good photo, and the camera flash isn't powerful enough to illuminate the scene. Nevertheless, I was able to get a few passable photos. This is Maddy, on the left with the pink laces and blue/white socks, driving to the net with the puck

It was quite a cold evening to be at an outdoor rink, but it just made the hot chocolate from the canteen even more delicious!!

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